Message from Founder & Chief Executive Officer

We are committed to be a first-class humanity together with our trustworthy colleagues, and endeavor to be a global logistics real estate consulting company that society needs.

GLR focuses on leasing of tenants using logistics real estate, which we have nurtured and grown as our core business since our founding in 2007.
Leasing has been the cornerstone of our real estate investment business and logistics real estate development.

Today, in order to meet the needs of online retailers and logistics companies using logistics warehouse, as well as the needs of developers and investors that provide logistics properties, we have developed a variety of real estate services related to logistics real estate, including real estate brokerage, asset management, property management, investment and development, and subleasing.

Providing solutions to our customers' challenges through our services related to logistics real estate, we pursue the development of first-class human resources together with our trustworthy colleagues. This is because we believe we can become a company that is continuously chosen by customers and contribute to society. Based on these core values, we will achieve to be a global logistics real estate consulting company that is necessary for society.

GLR Investment Co., Ltd.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Yoshinobu Tada


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