leasing Managementリーシングマネジメント事業 leasing Managementリーシングマネジメント事業

leasing Management

Tenant Attraction Support from the Owner's Perspective

GLR not only introduce properties to customers who want to rent warehouses, but also provide support for property owners (landlords, same as below).

Our strength is its experience as a rental agent specializing in the logistics industry. Our track record in attracting tenants is a strength for tenants, but it is also a strength for owners.

  • Responding to a variety of scales, realizing a form of outsourcing that meets the needs and properties

    Not only for large-scale logistics facilities, we also provide support to owners of medium-scale properties that specialize in regional areas. The content of these proposals differs from the aforementioned activities to attract tenants for large-scale logistics facilities, but they are the same in that our strength lies in our leasing information capabilities.

    Entrusted business form that responds to various scales and meets clients' requests and properties Entrusted business form that responds to various scales and meets clients' requests and properties
  • We offer solutions that go beyond tenant attraction.

    We offer solutions that go beyond tenant attraction.
    We can offer a wide range of solutions, including consulting on effective land use, increasing the value of existing buildings by re-tenanting, master leasing by GLR, and strategic planning with a view to disposition.

    This is because, in addition to the options of self-purchase by GLR, using investor funds to purchase the property through its asset management function, or disposition of the property to a third party through its sales intermediary function, GLR is able to formulate strategies involving its own leasing intermediary function, which is one of its greatest strengths.
    In order to respond to the ever-changing situation, it is in the best interest of the owner to be able to present the best solution from among multiple options.

    Against a backdrop of our leasing brokerage business and sales brokerage business in the purchasing and selling, our leasing management business can expand our strong support to our owners with our comprehensive strength.

    It's possible to suggest the solutions that go beyond CR for tenants It's possible to suggest the solutions that go beyond CR for tenants

Master Lease

Master Lease Master Lease

GLR rents warehouses, factories, and stores built by the owner, manages and operates them on behalf of the owner, and subleases them to tenants.
GLR and the tenant become the direct parties to the contract, and we acts as an intermediary between the owner and the tenant, managing move-ins and move-outs and negotiating rents.
As we are the primary party to the contract, the owner is relieved of complicated management tasks that require specialized knowledge.

Services we provide

  • 01. Rent guarantee
    You can expect stable rental income based on the contract.
  • 02. Contract management
    Renewal, Termination, Memorandum of Understanding, Negotiation, Rent Arrears, Trouble, Insurance...etc.
  • 03.Building Management
    Equipment maintenance and inspection, regular patrol, introduction of construction companies...etc
  • 04.Building Construction
    Restoration and alteration work, Witnessing restoration and alteration work, Site photography and consultation on construction details See our results.

Intermediary Agreement

Intermediary Agreement(intermediating) Intermediary Agreement(intermediating)

Inquiries from various quarters can be consolidated into one by our being in charge of the project solicitation window, and for the owner, the centralized management of information makes it easier to review strategies.

Services we provide

  • 01. Leasing Management
    Proposal of leasing conditions and market research
  • 02. Tenant Recruitment Sales Activities
    Logi-Portal posting, REINS posting, ATBB posting, installation of recruiting signs, door-to-door sales at neighboring companies, tele-appeal sales, sales at regularly visited locations...etc.

Result of Master Lease

  • New Construction Development
    Scale and Structure
    Steel-framed, one-story building
    Site area
    4,300 tsubo
    Building area
    1,600 tsubo
    Shimo-Oyazawa, Hidaka-shi, Saitama
    About 3 km from the Sayama-Hidaka Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway
    New construction development type New construction development type
  • Existing warehouse
    Scale and structure
    Steel construction, one-story building
    Site area
    500 tsubo
    Building area
    317 tsubo
    Funabashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
    Close to Tokyo Interchange on the Tomei Line and Loop Route 8
    Existing type Existing type

Results of Brokerage

  • Kawagoe City Minami Otsuka Warehouse Kawagoe City Minami Otsuka Warehouse
    Kawagoe-shi Minami-otsuka warehouse(sublease)
    Lessor:Logistics company
    Tenant: Logistics company
  • Sakado City Fulfillment center (occupied by multiple tenants) Sakado City Fulfillment center (occupied by multiple tenants
    Sakado City Distribution Center
    (multi-tenant occupancy)
    Lessor: Concrete construction company
    Lessor: Concrete construction company
    Lessee: Electronic parts, construction machinery, logistics company, etc.
  • Chiba City Makuhari Warehouse Chiba City Makuhari Warehouse
    Chiba City Makuhari Warehouse
    Lessor: Service company
    Lessee: Logistics company
  • Soka City Aoyagi Warehouse (subleasing) Soka City Aoyagi Warehouse (subleasing)
    Soka City Aoyagi Warehouse (subleasing)
    Lessor: Logistics company
    Lessee: Building materials company
  • Soka City Benten Warehouse (subleasing) Soka City Benten Warehouse (subleasing)
    Soka City Benten Warehouse (sub-lease)
    Lessor:Logistics company
    Lessee: Logistics company
  • Yokohama City Tsurumi-ku Factory Yokohama City Tsurumi-ku Factory
    Factory in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City
    Lessor: Plating company
    Lessee: Cleaning equipment manufacturer


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